State of Inbound 2017

The Data You Need To Budget, Plan, Execute, And Measure Inbound Marketing And Selling 

Published by HubSpot  This 46-page report contains easy-to-digest insights into how marketers are currently using Inbound marketing  and how it s use has grown.

Businesses now turn to inbound methodologies to power sales (25%) and even customer service (10%). Certainly the marketing use-case remains foremost, but make no mistake: Inbound has become an interdepartmental phenomenon. The report also straddles calendar years, 2016 to 2017. It is comprised of data from a mid-year survey that posed questions about full-year programs. As such, the findings and guidance remain current well into 2017.

It’s meant to be a functional document. Print it and mark it up. Share it with your boss, your head of sales, the rep who always beats her numbers (or, better still, the rep who is struggling to hit quota), maybe even your customer support team.

You'll learn about industry trends and gain insights into:

  • The Difference Between Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing
  • Budgeting for Inbound
  • Planning for Inbound
  • Executing for Inbound
  • Measuring for Inbound