Finding Prospect Pain 

How to recognize pain and use it to improve engagement

Selling to people who can’t or won’t buy is a huge drain on your sales productivity. Top two-percenters need to spend time only with prospects who need your help, want your help, and are willing to work with you to solve their problems.companies spend their marketing budgets generating market awareness, but precious little equipping their sales force with the knowledge to sell.  And in today’s economy, selling is anything but easy.

A guide to more effective engagement 

This guide to more effective engagement includes insights on how to uncover a prospect's critical issues and develop effective methods of engagement that will resonate with your audiences to increase awareness and see the value of your product. These methods will enable you to deliver personalized communications and more precision targeting to influence buyer behavior.

You'll get actionable information to help you understand:

  • What exactly is pain?
  • Why pain is important
  • The 3 types of pain 
  • How to identify pain 
  • The process to incorporate pain into communications 

Downolad this guide and you'll get actionable information to help you understand common sales and marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.



Align Marketing and Selling - Tools and Techniques That Close Deals