Google AdWords Campaign Template   

Aligning AdWords Campaigns With The Buyer's Journey 


Specific PPC ads and assets are more relevant to buyers at specific times during the buyers journey. That’s nice in theory....But how do you as the marketer know which one of your content offers to choose?

This guide will provide methods for developing AdWords campaigns to support the buyer's journey and create more effective engagement   You will gain insights on how to deliver relevant offers throughout the stages of the buyers journey and which specific ad types are most relevant at specific stages of the buyers journey. Using these methods will enable you to deliver personalized communications and more precision targeting to influence buyer behavior.

Using a this of templates you'll be able to:

  • Align each ad you run with the proper stage in the searcher's sales cycle
  • Break down what each line of your ad should say
  • Catch silly money-wasting mistakes, like breaching AdWords character limits
  • Offer helpful PPC tips, best practices, and definitions as you set up your different ads